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Painting flowers has never been easier

Master the skills you'll need to create soft, airy peonies in acrylic paint. 

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Paint the Flowers of your Dreams

Have you ever wanted to paint vibrant, realistic flowers, but haven't known where to start? This 7.5 hour course will walk you through everything you need to create beautiful floral pieces, culminating in a final acrylic painting of two gorgeous peonies.

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"I was pleasantly impressed by the tutelage of Marianne! I could feel her passion for painting, she was quick to put me at ease and arm me with confidence that I could paint a masterpiece! Marianne is very precise in her instruction and it’s very easy to follow. There have been numerous subsequent pieces done and I’m sufficiently hooked on painting!

Margo C.

Marianne describes in depth how to properly use painting tools. She presents a wide variety of painting techniques to her students, and teaches how to mix colours to make the paintings look real. Thank you Marianne!

Lisa W.